BYOD/ BYOT Solutions

BYOD/ BYOT Solutions

A year or two ago BYOD/BYOT was about being able to connect your personal device to the network.

This space has quickly evolved into a significant shift in how ICT is being embraced by the workforce, as well as individuals, students and families.

Whilst BYOT is a great advantage to your individual users, it brings with it many challenges for your ICT department to manage and secure this new network paradigm.

BYOD/BYOT means more than just what devices will be on your network. It’s about the end-to-end access and management of these devices. Which devices do you trust? How do you know what software is on each device, and whether that software is malicious or not? How do you know if a device has the latest security patches applied? Do they have full network access or only partial access?

What applications will they use? How are these applications licenced? And who will be supporting the device and the applications?

These are all part of the complexity of BYOD/BYOT.

We can help you understand the pros and cons of BYOD/BYOT, and help you develop a plan to implement it in your organisation, including working with you to develop systems and policies to ensure your network and users are protected.

Our services include:

  • Device Selection
  • Device Management
  • Network Security
  • Network Access
  • Data Security
  • Software and O/S licencing Policy Control
  • Application Deployment
  • Textbook or Content Deployment
  • Device Support

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