ICT Managed Services

ICT Managed Services

ICT reviews are a powerful tool to ensure that your ICT is on-track to deliver the desired benefits to your organisation.

We can help you answer important questions such as:

  • Are there any business continuity risks or concerns around your ICT?
  • Are there any security risks or concerns around your ICT?
  • Are you getting the expected Return on Investment from your ICT?
  • Is your ICT delivering positive business outcomes and agility to your organisation?
  • Are your team competent and well-resourced to effectively manage all aspects of your ICT?

NetStrategy provides not just asset audits, but complete top-down reviews. These are conducted by our experienced Consulting team, and our clients who have engaged these services are often surprised at the depth of our reviews and our findings.

Whether you have a particular concern around a specific area of your ICT, or would just like an independent perspective on your ICT, we can help.

We use our deep technical background and up-to-the-minute consulting services to perform all our Reviews, helping to protect you from risk and meet the future needs of your users.

Our services include:

  • Independent ICT Reviews and Audits
  • Business Continuity Audits
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • TCO Analysis
  • Strategic ICT Planning

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