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A customised framework that solves your school’s technology needs.

Don’t settle for a technology partner that only patches problems as they arise. Our team will curate technology solutions that not only solve your current business challenges, but drive your business success for the future.

Our unique and proven client-focused IT processes allow us to deliver customised, scalable technology solutions that empower your school with the technology you need to stand out as a leading institution.


Client roundtable

We learn and gather information about your school, ensuring the best approach to meeting your technology needs. Our client-first methodology means every step of the process is geared to delivering success through a deep understanding of your needs and how your team works.

Technology environment assessment

By performing a detailed investigation of your existing IT ecosystem, we familiarise ourselves with how your school operates, and what technology or IT problems need to be solved for your organisation. This helps us isolate and identify technology shortfalls and roadblocks, as well as determine if there is a need for technology adjustments or upgrades. Our tailored approach means we will never recommend any services, technology or upgrades that are more than what you need to succeed.

Infrastructure discovery

After building a deep understanding of how your school leverages technology, including future wants and needs, we develop an IT plan and customised solution centred on removing the barriers that get in the way of running your organisation. Our plan enables your technology investment to better support student learning and the schools ongoing strategic direction.

Implementation & discovery

At this stage we bring your customised technology plan to life. We work hand in hand with your team to install and implement new solutions to streamline the process, minimise interruptions and downtime, and facilitate growth through technology.

Ongoing support

Our persistent improvement process and ongoing support eliminates common day-to-day frustrations and empowers your team to be more productive. Nothing falls through the cracks as NetStrategy is always behind you.
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