Independent schools choosing a technology partner

The Australian Independent School's Guide to Choosing a Technology Partner

Empower your school to lead with the right technology partner

We can all be guilty of taking our IT infrastructure for granted, and not giving it the attention it needs. When it works, there is no reason to think about it.

However, with education increasingly intersecting with technology, and worldwide cybersecurity breaches on the rise, schools must proactively invest in the right systems, and protect the students who use them from harm.

If you suspect your school does not have the safest, most progressive digital environment available to it, you need this guide.

Inside you’ll find:
  • How IT managed service providers might be best suited to assist you with innovation and accountability
  • How the right technology partner can help your school to digitally transform
  • How business managers and technologists speak different languages, what both need from each other and what is essential to help them better align
  • How to choose the right partner to position your institution for innovative learning in the years to come

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