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Experienced and trusted name

NetStrategy has over 30 years of experience working in the education sector.

We are the trusted Managed Service Provider relied on by many Australian schools who outsource their technology requirements.

Regulatory, Compliance and Governance

NetStrategy specialises in helping schools keep up to date with regulatory, compliance and governance requirements so that all your obligations are met. 

Security, Safety and Privacy

We ensure that school’s network connections provide security, safety and privacy for the students and teachers. With this digital transformation and the massive shift to smart schools in K-12 education we can provide you with open, software-driven educational networking solutions with the elements necessary for K-12 schools to remain agile, adaptive and secure while improving learning outcomes.

Our support team

NetStrategy provides you with the team required for a broad range of IT functions from network issues, cloud computing, unified communications, web and application development, hardware procurement, consultancy, connectivity, security and more.

Our team of subject matter experts eliminates the need for your school to limit its technology due to the limitations and constraints of its current IT staff.

Some clients engage us to start with reviews, and other clients want help on specific projects. We can help you with one or all of the following services:

ICT Reviews:

This is an effective starting point for many schools, where we are able to review in detail the business, finance, organisational and teaching/learning needs of your school, and then provide a solid plan to achieve your goals over time.

Security Audits and recommendations

With the move towards ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), many existing school networks are struggling to balance the need for flexibility with securing sensitive school data. Our audits can identify areas of potential vulnerability, and we bring industry-leading technologies which can be added to your existing network to provide you with the gold-standard of wireless security.

High-speed data

We work with AARNet nationally to connect independent schools, with the ability to provide high-speed, high-capacity and high-performance networks, enabling a range of off-site or cloud based solutions. We are happy to introduce you to one of our existing AARNet-enabled schools, to find out more about how this makes a huge difference to staff and students.


We work with most Tier 1 hardware vendors. Our approach with infrastructure deployments is to ensure proper planning before we start work. This ensures you have the base foundation to provide the ICT services your school demands, reducing your risk and increasing your return on your ICT investment. We build strong, reliable and agile Infrastructure solutions for the long term.

Managed Services

Many leading schools use our ICT services, whether it is providing on-site managed resources, project managing a key roll-out, outsourcing specific services or your entire operation, we can help.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

By their very nature, incidents which significantly disrupt your network can’t be predicted. But you can be prepared. We will work with you to disaster-proof your ICT systems, and ensure your technology functions as usual, no matter what.

Ad-hoc Projects

The only constant is change, and we know that sometimes an ICT project comes across your desk which you simply may not have the time or personnel to manage. Whatever it is, we can help.


NetStrategy are people that I know I can work with, that I see have integrity, who solve issues with no fuss, who know what they’re talking about.

Mark Drury, Business Manager, Taree Christian College