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All schools need the ability to clearly understand the true state of their IT platform, people and processes. Our audit team can give you the peace of mind that comes from truly understanding your current state, providing you with a plan on how to mitigate or address identified risks and inefficiencies.

Through the development of diagnostic tools, frameworks and methodologies, we can quickly identify, advise and help you remediate issues. All this is backed by reliable and ongoing support.


No two schools are exactly the same, so of course you want a solution that meets your specific needs. NetStrategy can tailor solutions that are the right fit for both your requirements and budget while aligning with industry and vendor best-practice.

Our advisory team can provide you with impartial advice and guidance that gives you insights into your options and address any challenge. You’ll stay informed and in control as we implement your solutions.

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Empowering partnerships

Look forward to a partnership that informs and empowers your team, improves your school’s reputation and identifies positive opportunities for change. As we have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of education systems, NetStrategy offers actionable recommendations for relevant and effective solutions.

Consistent communication

When you need us, we’ll be there. From the outset, your business managers, administrators and IT staff will benefit from regular communication. Working to implement standards-based, intelligent and custom system solutions, your stakeholders can be confident in the security and stability of a responsive support team.

Frequently asked questions

Improving IT and cybersecurity in schools requires a structured approach that blends technology with a genuine understanding of education. NetStrategy assists in this by providing custom strategies designed specifically for schools, which employ proven technology to enhance the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity posture. They aim at reducing risks and maximising IT investment, and the flexibility teachers and students require, allowing educational institutions to focus on core educational activities.

When selecting an IT audit service for schools, it is not enough to just know technology, having expertise in education is key. NetStrategy provides a thorough assessment of current systems, identifying vulnerabilities, and recommending outcome-focused solutions. They understand what teachers and students need, and are knowledgeable about educational data regulations ensuring compliance and post-audit support assisting the school in implementing the recommended changes. Transparent communication and clear, understandable reports are part of the service they offer.

NetStrategy leverages proven technology and develops custom strategies to deliver outcome-focused solutions. This approach guarantees both the security and reliability of IT systems, ultimately supporting and furthering the achievements of students and staff in educational institutions​​.

"Custom IT strategies are essential for addressing the unique needs and challenges of schools, universities and other educational institutions. These strategies are tailored to fit the specific requirements of a school, ensuring optimal use of technology, enhancing educational outcomes, and providing a secure and efficient IT environment. The educational sector faces diverse cyber threats, from sophisticated hacking to accidental insider threats. Educational institutions hold a wealth of sensitive data, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals. A custom IT strategy helps address these risks by ensuring robust cybersecurity measures tailored to the institution's specific needs. A comprehensive IT strategy encompasses various key components like asset inventorying, cybersecurity monitoring, risk assessments, access controls, network security, employee education, and incident response plans. These components ensure a layered approach to security, addressing different aspects of IT challenges specific to educational institutions"
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Audit & Advisory

Your school will thrive from the benefit of proven technology and custom strategies that deliver outcome-focused solutions. Discover the security and reliability of an IT advisor that supports and furthers the achievements of your students and your staff.

IT Risk Management

Rest assured that your school’s reputation is in safe hands with an IT partner that has a proven process for identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring IT risk. You’ll reach cybersecurity confidence with strategies in place to defend your school in an ever-escalating cyber threat landscape.

Operational Assurance

Stay up and running with best-in-class IT operations put in place with your own staff, or delivered as a comprehensive managed service. You’ll maintain business continuity and run smoother operations with reliable responsiveness thanks to on and offsite support.

IT Project Offerings

In the past, you may have experienced project delays or budget blowouts from service providers. With us, you can rely on the guarantee of projects that are not only delivered on time and to budget, but completely customised to your unique school environment.

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