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IT Consulting for educational institutions

Educational institutions face unique challenges in managing IT that supports diverse needs while ensuring security and efficiency. At NetStrategy, we offer IT consultancy services tailored to help schools, colleges, and universities improve their IT operations, so that they empower the vision. Our audit and advisory services are designed to streamline your technology systems, enhance security measures, and align your IT investments with your educational objectives.

IT Consulting is key for growth and change in any school

There are many exciting changes a school can go through which also present unique IT challenges.

  • Rapidly growing student body?
  • Implementing a new learning management system?
  • Modernising your aging technology infrastructure?
  • Changing the working from home process for teachers – file access?
  • Changing the way you communicate with parents?
  • Implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy or changing your device program?
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) tools?
  • Upgrading school facilities with smart technology?

An IT consultant from NetStrategy can be your trusted advisor, ensuring a smooth transition and maximising the benefits of your new initiatives.


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Our IT Consulting Services

Our consulting services help educational institutions assess their current IT setups and identify opportunities for improvement. We provide expert advice on enhancing technology deployment to better support teaching, administration, and student engagement, ensuring your IT investments are both effective and efficient.

Education Assurance


We work with you to develop a comprehensive IT strategy that aligns with your educational goals. This involves planning for technology updates, integrating new learning tools, and ensuring infrastructure scalability to support future growth and technological advancements.
IT Service Desk

Critical incident management

We prepare your institution to handle IT emergencies with swift and effective responses. Our critical incident management planning includes preventative measures, immediate action plans, and strategies for rapid recovery to minimise downtime and restore systems as quickly as possible.
IT infrastructure

Governance, risk & compliance

We assist in establishing strong IT governance frameworks that support compliance with educational standards and legal requirements. Our services include risk assessments, policy development, and compliance checks to ensure your IT practices meet regulatory obligations and best practices. Staff, parents, and students all require different levels of access to different systems, making data governance vital. A governance plan minimises your school's risk.


Our cybersecurity services focus on protecting your institution's critical data and IT assets. We assess vulnerabilities, implement robust security protocols, and provide ongoing monitoring to prevent, detect, and respond to threats, keeping your data safe and your operations uninterrupted.
IT Consulting - benchmarking


Benchmarking services compare your IT systems and practices against industry standards and best-performing peers. This analysis helps pinpoint areas of improvement and drives decision-making processes by highlighting successful practices and potential areas for technological enhancement.
IT consulting - Board

Board enablement

We equip school boards and executive teams with the knowledge and tools to make informed IT decisions, providing strategic insights into technology trends, budget planning, and IT investment impacts, enhancing governance effectiveness.

Benefits of IT Consulting for Schools

In today's technology-driven educational landscape, schools face a myriad of challenges that can divert focus from their core mission of education. Unreliable technology is not just annoying, it interrupts learning. Managed Services offer a strategic approach to alleviate these challenges and enhance educational outcomes.

Enhanced efficiency and cost management

ICT Audit & Advisory services streamline your institution's technology systems, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively. This optimisation helps manage costs by reducing unnecessary expenditure on outdated or redundant technologies, providing more budget flexibility for educational priorities.

Robust security and compliance

These services significantly strengthen your institution's security posture. By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing advanced security measures, we help protect sensitive data from emerging cyber threats. Additionally, our compliance audits ensure that your IT operations align with legal and regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of penalties.

Strategic empowerment

With our ICT Audit & Advisory services, your institution gains a strategic partner in IT planning. We help align technology investments with educational objectives, ensuring that IT initiatives support overall school missions. This strategic alignment not only optimises current resources but also paves the way for future innovations and improvements in the educational process.
It Consulting Services

Take the Next Step in IT Excellence

Ready to enhance your institution’s IT operations? Contact NetStrategy today to discover how our IT consultancy services can align your technology with your educational goals through our ICT Audit & Advisory process. Let us help you optimise efficiency, strengthen security, and achieve strategic success.

Proven expertise in education

NetStrategy specialises in the educational sector, bringing over three decades of experience to every partnership. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of schools means we know what works for schools, and design IT solutions that enhance the educational experience.
IT Consulting - benchmarking

Custom solutions for every need with a personalised approach

We recognise that no two schools are the same. That’s why we offer flexible IT solutions that specifically address the individual requirements of each institution. Whether it's enhancing digital learning, improving infrastructure, or securing data, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and objectives.
It consulting - professional services

Comprehensive service offering

Our services cover all aspects of IT management and cybersecurity, ensuring that schools have access to everything they need from a single provider. From advanced cybersecurity measures and full-spectrum IT management to strategic advisory services, we provide a comprehensive suite that supports all facets of your institution's technology needs.

Trusted by Australia’s leading schools and institutions

We have been trusted by almost 400 schools nationally to deliver the education IT platform they need safely and securely. Together, we help you build and operate the IT platform that can help your teachers and students realise their full potential, building a brighter future for all.

Frequently asked questions

IT consulting services can be a game-changer for your school. They provide a comprehensive approach, starting with in-depth IT assessments and strategic roadmaps aligned with your educational goals. These services also address critical areas like cybersecurity and data compliance, while optimising your current IT infrastructure for efficiency. They further empower your staff and students by offering staff training and facilitating the integration of new learning tools. Finally, IT consulting firms help your school stay future-proof by keeping you informed about emerging technologies and designing adaptable solutions that can grow and change along with your educational needs.

Choosing between consulting and managed IT services boils down to how much ongoing support your school needs. Consulting services act like expert advisors, providing in-depth assessments, strategic roadmaps, and project-based assistance for specific challenges. They equip you with a plan, so you can manage ongoing tasks, post the project completion. Managed services, on the other hand, function like an outsourced IT department. They handle the day-to-day operations, user support, security, and maintenance, offering a comprehensive and ongoing solution.

Managed IT services offer several benefits, including: - Increased efficiency to free up staff to focus on core educational activities. - Enhanced security to provides robust protection against cyber threats. - Improved cost management with predictable monthly fees and access to expertise. - Strategic IT Planning that aligns technology with educational goals. - 24/7 Support to ensure minimal downtime and technical assistance whenever needed.

Consulting IT services typically focus on in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and project-based assistance to address specific IT challenges or goals in your school. Here are some common inclusions:1. IT Audits and Assessments - A thorough evaluation of your current IT infrastructure, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. 2. Strategic IT Planning - Developing a customised roadmap for your school's technology, aligning IT investments with your educational objectives. 3. Project Management and Implementation - Guiding your school through technology projects like system upgrades, network expansions, or learning technology integration. 4. Security Assessments and Solutions - Identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive student data from cyberthreats. 5. Data Governance and Compliance Support - Establishing strong data governance frameworks and ensuring compliance with relevant educational standards and legal requirements. 6. Staff Training and Development - Providing professional development opportunities for staff to enhance their tech skills, effectively utilise technology tools and adopt new processes. Think of consulting IT services as a team of expert advisors who diagnose your school's IT needs, create a plan, and assist with implementation.

Consulting IT service costs for schools depend on the project's complexity, size of your school, and engagement type (fixed fee, hourly rate, retainer). Request detailed proposals outlining services, timelines, and associated costs to ensure you get the most out of your IT consulting investment for your school.

1. Can you share specific examples of successful projects you've completed for schools? 2. What specific areas of IT expertise do your consultants possess? 3. How do you typically approach IT consulting for schools and what is your process for understanding our unique needs and goals? 4. How do you manage IT consulting projects, including dedicated points of contact, progress updates, and addressing concerns? 5. Beyond the initial project, how can your consulting services help us plan for future technology needs and advancements in education, and do you offer any follow-up support to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success?

School Experience - Look for a company with a proven track record of working with educational institutions. They should understand the unique challenges schools face and be familiar with best practices for technology deployment in a learning environment. Targeted Expertise - If you have identified the specific area where you require assistance - cybersecurity, developing an IT strategy, or implementing a new learning management system? Choose a company with expertise in your specific area of need. Comprehensive Approach - Go beyond a basic assessment. Select a company that offers a thorough audit and advisory process. This should include an on-site discovery phase to deeply understand your school's existing IT landscape, staff capabilities, and future goals. Transparent Pricing - Request a clear and comprehensive quote upfront. Ensure there are no hidden fees or unexpected additional costs.

Ready to transform your school's IT experience?

By choosing NetStrategy, schools gain a reliable partner that not only understands their IT challenges, but also understands how schools are different and cares deeply about their success and security. Let us help you transform your IT challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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