Principal advisory session

Optimise your school's technology for teaching and learning

Frequent disruptions. Unstable learning platforms. IT Projects that take much longer than expected.

James Boyle, CEO, and Toby Kerrison, Operations Director of NetStrategy are offering a complimentary 60-minute Principal advisory session.

Only for school Principals, and only available between 16th October and 15th December 2023.

James or Toby will visit your school to help you understand: 

  • The global cyber threats that are pertinent to educational institutions
  • How to win the fight for ICT talent
  • How leading schools are currently using technology to improve learning outcomes
  • What secure and reliable platforms should look and feel like to school executives

Schedule your advisory
session now

Book your 60-minute mentoring session if you:

  • Find it challenging to measure the effectiveness of your technology
  • Are concerned about the reliability of your systems and want more peace of mind
  • Wonder exactly how cyber-resilient you are
  • Are uncertain you’re getting the whole picture from your IT staff, or
  • Don’t fully understand the risk profile of your technology in its current state.

Our consulting specialists help school Principals to identify technology gaps, risks and areas for improvement.

This advisory session can be conducted on-site and will take just 60 to 90 minutes of your time.

A little about your advisors

NetStrategy's James Boyle

CEO & Founder


James is one of Australia’s most experienced IT consultants and entrepreneurs, with over three decades of experience in establishing successful ICT companies. He is a recognised school technology expert, providing ICT strategic consulting and infrastructure advice to industry and government at consulting and board levels.

“We work with a wide range of schools in Australia, in both urban and regional areas. Regardless of their location, schools face similar challenges, but in addition, have trouble attracting and keeping top talent, and are underserved by most strategic IT consultancies. We want to change that.”



NetStrategy's Toby Kerrison

Operations Director


Toby, NetStrategy’s Operations Director, is a seasoned ICT expert with over 20 years of experience in Independent Schools. A trusted advisor for numerous schools across Australia, Toby’s guidance has enabled these schools to maximise their technology investments, leading to improved outcomes for staff, students, and parents.

With a validated strategy development background under the AIS Partnership in Education program, Toby has a proven track record of delivering practical and effective ICT solutions. His deep understanding of the schools’ ICT landscape makes his advisory sessions an essential asset for educational leaders committed to driving digital proficiency.