Asset Management

Manage IT assets proactively

Your IT assets, software, hardware, configuration profiles and management processes are critical operational assets. Too often, an organisation’s IT assets have grown organically in line with organisational demand, resulting in confusing and inconsistent software licensing, hardware and configuration profiles. A crisis requiring immediate patching across a wide range of assets, or receipt of a significant unbudgeted bill as a result of a software vendor audit are often the unfortunate prompts to develop an end-to-end asset register. 

Implementing a structured approach to IT asset management can both reduce cost through the efficient deployment of assets and improve business user productivity and satisfaction through pro-actively managing obsolescence and less down time.

NetStrategy adheres to the following principles of best practice IT Asset Management:

  • Ensure there is a planned approach which is aligned with the organisation’s needs and capacity over short and long terms horizons. This ensures that assets are managed proactively, costs are accurately forecast, and staff have the tools they need to maximise productivity.
  • Treat IT Asset management as a continuous process, rather than reactive one-off project in response to some external shock. We ensure that the process is co-created with the relevant business units and closely aligned to operational requirements, making it easier to adhere to the process and secure necessary funding.
  • Apply a lifecycle approach to IT asset management, planning from the design phase through to decommissioning to optimise the return on assets to the organisation.
  • Automate the process to reduce time (and therefore cost) – from patching, to application deployment and reporting.
  • Ensure accurate records are maintained in a single location, including maintaining a configuration management database, which maintains accurate records of the data and service models deployed across the organisation.

NetStrategy can help you understand your current asset deployments and better manage your IT assets going forward.

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