Service Desk

Turbo charge the public face of IT

The IT service desk is the key point of contact between IT and the rest of the organisation, managing both incident response and service requests. As such it is one of the biggest drivers of IT (dis)satisfaction within the organisation.

A NetStrategy managed service desk gives you greater control over your service delivery, capacity when you need to scale and measurable quality assurance.

The key elements of NetStrategy’s service are:

  • A focus on customer service, providing customer-centric delivery to maximise end user productivity.
  • A range of self-service solutions for end users who want to resolve incidents quickly and independently, while providing easy multi-channel escalation for more complex issues and service requests.
  • Clear documentation and management of departmental knowledge to improve productivity and effectiveness.
  • Accountability, with clear performance metrics on both the effectiveness of the provided platforms and the team.


We will develop a tailored solution for your business, with any combination of on-premise/remote, dedicated/shared, business hours, and SLAs required.

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We all develop close relationships with the clients we work with – some of them have been with the company for years. It makes a difference because we know we’re not just delivering a solution for today but one that will still work in 2, 3 or 5 years

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