Hybrid Cloud

Scale with Hybrid Cloud

A Hybrid Cloud solution combines both a Public Cloud and Private Cloud, allowing data and applications to be shared between them. Hybrid Clouds give organisations the ability to scale their on-premise infrastructure up to the Public Cloud to handle any overflow, without giving third-party data centres access to all of their data.

This enables organisations to access the flexibility of Public Cloud platforms for basic and non-sensitive computing tasks, such as email, while keeping business-critical applications and data on premises, safely behind the organisation’s firewall.

NetStrategy’s cloud experts can help you review your needs and workloads, offering you advice and guidance on which workloads work best in what cloud.

A Hybrid Cloud solution might be right for you if you:

  • Have dynamic or frequently changing workloads
  • Want to separating critical workloads from less-sensitive workloads
  • Process big data from time to time (and prefer to store on-site)
  • Have peaky processing capacity needs
  • Need to comply with regulatory requirements for some data
  • Want to move incrementally to the cloud


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