Public Cloud

Secure flexibility with Public Cloud

While Public Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS offer enormous scope for flexibility and scaling as requirements change, managing a Cloud portfolio is a complex task with many hidden pitfalls. A managed Cloud solution from NetStrategy helps mitigate this risk.

A managed Cloud solution can provide some or all or the following services:

  • Defining the migration strategy. Different applications need different platforms for optimal performance. Evaluating which applications can and should be migrated to the Public Cloud, and which legacy applications are just not suited for the Public Cloud is a critical first step.
  • Planning and migrating the applications and critical data without loss.
  • Managing both the performance and costs of running complex application environments across multiple cloud platforms.
  • Maintaining the security of a multi-cloud environment.
  • Ensuring appropriate business continuity and back up services are in place.
  • Advising on the interface between the regulatory environment and multi-national cloud solutions.


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At NetStrategy I'm not limited to a single brand. I can always recommend the piece of kit that will work best for the customer in their environment. 

Jeffery, Consultant, NetStrategy