Internet Connectivity

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Reliable, fast internet connectivity, whether at a fixed location or on the go, is the backbone of organisational productivity and a core driver of IT stakeholder satisfaction. Demand for enterprise connectivity is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years driven by the broad adoption of cloud services across organisation, with increasing focusing on reducing latency.

NetStrategy offers a broad range of internet connectivity options from the full suite of Australian connectivity providers, whether you require 10mBits or 100Gbits per second. We will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your organisation’s needs – speed, capacity, uptime, security, monitoring and cost.

With our in-depth knowledge of connectivity providers and fervently vendor agnostic approach, NetStrategy is able to advise you on the right solution to balance user experience and cost.

  • NetStrategy can deliver ultra-high performance internet connectivity up to 100Gbits per second across a range of technologies.
  • Our data networks consultants can assess your requirements and define solutions using any of the major connectivity technologies, including delivering highly available diverse connectivity.
  • We can deliver solutions either to the data centre, public cloud or around the country.
  • With over 30  years experience in building large scale internet networks, no requirement is too complex.​


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At NetStrategy I'm not limited to a single brand. I can always recommend the piece of kit that will work best for the customer in their environment. 

Jeffery, Consultant, NetStrategy