Remote Working

Enable a future flexible workforce

Move to frictionless remote working

Recent events have highlighted the importance and benefits of a mobile enabled workforce. Cost reduction is often an initial driver for exploring remote working, but evidence of other benefits for the organisation is now pointing toward flexible workplaces as the future of work.

Greater staff engagement, higher productivity and more flexible service provision leading to higher customer satisfaction are all recognised as benefits of working virtually. COVID-19 has only emphasised the need for all organisations to be able to work virtually at the flick of a switch.

Effective remote working requires planning and forethought to ensure security is maintained and there is minimal disruption to business. NetStrategy delivers the right combination of hardware, software and connectivity to cost-effectively deliver a frictionless remote working experience for your staff – and provides the training and support to ensure your staff get the most out of these tools.

Our remote working solutions

 NetStrategy can help you design a flexible robust infrastructure solution so that your employees can work from anywhere they want to.

Next gen collaboration capability to enable high quality interactions between your staff, customers and suppliers.

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A range of voice solutions from VOIP to virtualised call centres.

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Secure VPN

Ensure that remote working doesn’t mean you are compromising on security.

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Remote Device Management

Maintain security and enforce compliance with organisational procedures with end to end management of all devices connected to your network, irrespective of location or ownership.

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Speak with a NetStrategy consultant to explore options to efficiently move to and manage remote working for your workforce.