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In a recent trends survey by Deloitte, more than 67% of respondents believed that by 2021-2023 workers will spend more time on digital collaboration platforms and work based social media, while 44% believe there will be less face-to-face meetings. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to accelerate this adoption.

However, it’s not simply a matter of signing up your organisation to Slack and Zoom. To manage cost, risk and maintain productivity in a remote world, organisations need to consider a broader range of issues.

  • Select the right combination of software tools (co-ordination, documentation, communication (social, chat and video conferencing)) for the organisations risk profile and culture.
  • Agree protocols for use of the tools and configure the tools to reflect these protocols
  • Ensure fast and reliable connectivity on-site and remotely
  • Remove friction to adoption (such as lack of Single Sign On (SSO))
  • Proactively encourage adoption through appropriate training and enablement activities

NetStrategy can help you build a next generation collaboration capability within your organisation, providing a comprehensive solution that drives smooth adoption.

Whether your requirement transcends voice, video, chat or other channels, we can design, deploy and operate a best-in-class collaboration capability to securely enable high quality human interaction irrespective of location, time and platform.

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For me it’s about managing one of my biggest risks – if the IT systems fall over, learning stops, administration stops, finance stops. Having a complete team of experts managing it all for me minimises that risk.

Chris Baird, Business Manager,Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham