Secure VPN

Enterprise-grade VPN

Traditionally organisations have used VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to establish secure and encrypted connections over the public internet, commonly when employees have worked remotely and needed to ‘dial in’ to access emails, documents and confidential on-premise services.

The use of VPNs for securing more day-to-day services, such as email, has declined as these services have moved to the cloud and incorporate their own security protocols. However, VPNs still have an important role to play to enable employees to access services when remain on-premise or secure highly sensitive applications and information whether these are hosted on-premise or in the cloud. At the same time, advances in VPN technology have made them easier to administer and now deliver a more frictionless user experience.

NetStrategy has implemented and currently manages hundreds of secure VPNs for clients, and we can assist you to design, deploy and operate a best in class secure, highly available VPN solutions to give your users secure system access 24×7, irrespective of their location.

When we design a VPN Solution, we take a holistic approach and consider a broad range of factors to design the right solution for your organisation, including:

  • Type of information and services to be accessed
  • The threat profile of the organisation
  • Likely level of usage
  • End user capability and needs
  • Monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Internal skill sets and expertise
  • Financial considerations


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