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Stronger security by design

Cyber security threats are escalating with some studies showing that 51% of organisations experienced a ransomware attack in 2020.

Increasingly sophisticated and effective tools are enabling organisations to move from reactive to predictive cyber threat management, but this volume of choice can result in complex solutions – and that complexity can undermine security. NetStrategy applies intelligent design principles to develop elegant and simple security solutions tailored to your threat profile.

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Our security solutions

Identity & Access Management

Take control of the internal IT conversation and deliver impact faster with a clearly articulated and socialised strategic plan and governance framework.

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Data Security

Software and hardware solutions to combat escalating risks of cyber-attack.

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Penetration Tests

Passive and active penetration testing tailored to your security and threat profile.

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Network Security

Proactively identify threats and ensure the appropriate policies and protocols are in place at the network level.

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Security Assessments

A range of standardised and bespoke security assessments to proactively review your cyber-security posture. 

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