IT Risk Management Plan

IT Risk Management Plan

Whilst we’d all like life to go smoothly, sometimes you just can’t avoid a crisis. Whether it’s a major systems outage, a project which goes off the rails, losing a vital team member, a supplier dropping out, corporate restructuring or a natural disaster, there are times you need extra help to get back on track.

NetStrategy is uniquely positioned and has a well-respected ability to deliver time critical crisis management solutions. We leverage all our previous engagements to be in a position to rapidly identify and develop a recovery plan appropriate to your own challenge.

The NetStrategy team provides a steady head in a time of crisis, and will work closely with you to help plan, prepare and implement a solution as needed. Our advanced troubleshooting techniques and methodologies can help you identify exactly what’s causing the trouble, and ensure all aspects of the problem are considered.

Our team have the ability to deal with end users right up to senior management – talking in whatever level of detail is appropriate. We consider all critical aspects of the crisis – not just the technical – to ensure the recovery effort is appropriately focused.

The deep technical expertise of our team means that we can help with crises across any technology or vendor, which is particularly helpful when multiple platforms are involved. We can also work with you to anticipate and prepare for a crisis, so you’re ready to act if and when a problem hits.

We have provided a broad set of crisis management solutions to some of Australia’s largest organisations and leverage our consulting practice heavily. Our ability to be vendor-neutral positions us uniquely to assist you irrespective of which vendors and technologies you have deployed.

And our calm presence is always welcomed, particularly when internal tensions are high. After the storm has passed, we can then work with you to fortify and prepare for future events imparting best practice, reflecting on lessons learnt and providing considered advice based on countless engagements.

When the going gets tough, we just roll up our sleeves a little bit more.

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