IT Operation

Top 10 IT Operations Best Practices for Australian Independent Schools

A Comprehensive Guide for School Business Managers and Principals

In today’s digital age, reliable and secure IT infrastructure is crucial for any educational institution.

Technology plays an increasingly significant role in teaching, learning, and administration, making it essential for Australian independent schools to establish and maintain robust IT operations.

The right IT environment can help promote effective learning, enhance security, and streamline administrative processes.

Inside you’ll find:
  • Practical IT Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond – Explore tried-and-tested practices for effective IT integration into classrooms, focusing on enhancing educational outcomes and optimising administrative functions.
  • Data Protection & Cybersecurity Tips – Gain insights into critical aspects of securing your school’s digital infrastructure, preserving the privacy of student and staff data, and techniques to combat the rising threats of cyber-attacks in the educational sector.

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