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School specialists

We’ve helped almost 400 schools with technology for better outcomes and measurable results. We live and breathe school systems and know the importance of having technology that supports administration, meets obligations, streamlines processes and protects valuable data.

Over a 35-year track record, our unique approach comes from absolute dedication to only servicing the needs of the education industry with the deep domain knowledge for better outcomes. Our mission is to help all our schools deliver a reliable, efficient and relevant IT solution that empowers staff, students and parents.

We will be your school’s advocate in the technology space, delivering enterprise capability and products at education pricing.

Enduring partnerships

Many of our schools have partnered with us for the long term. Over time, consistently supporting the IT needs of many leading schools, we collectively build a shared understanding of the unique requirements for each school, often helping at the most trying of times. No matter the challenge, you can be confident that we will be there to support you.

Responsible & reliable

By partnering with us, have confidence in a team of specialists that are trusted by more schools to deliver the IT outcomes they need. Our track record, successfully delivering thousands of school solutions on time and on budget, offers the assurance that we understand the unique IT challenges your school faces every day.

Vendor and platform-neutral

Everyone wants the best solution to any problem. Our unique consulting approach draws from a commitment to being vendor, technology and platform-neutral. This ensures you get the right solution that fits your needs, without vendor limitations.

School IT expertise

When you partner with NetStrategy, you don’t just get one IT engineer but a whole team of technology experts with decades of experience in the education industry, delivering superior outcomes for many of Australia’s leading educational institutions. Our specialist teams have both the expertise and scale to tackle small and large challenges, always focusing on the unique needs of the sector.
Virtual CISO and CIO

Cybersecurity confidence

More schools trust us to solve their Cybersecurity challenges. Our large and well-trained security team is ready to help you protect your people, processes and data, allowing you to rest easy and be more confident to deal with future challenges.

Everyday support

While we will work to ensure you have systems, processes and a strategy in place, technology can sometimes be unpredictable. No matter who you speak to, our team will be across your services and be able to assist you with everyday and urgent enquiries.

Hear from our client

Like many other regional schools, MidCoast Christian College faced an IT challenge as it moved into providing 21st century education.

To meet the needs of their students, they needed reliable and secure IT systems.

Find out more in this video.

Trusted by Australia’s leading schools and institutions

We have been trusted by almost 400 schools nationally to deliver the education IT platform they need safely and securely. Together, we help you build and operate the IT platform that can help your teachers and students realise their full potential, building a brighter future for all.

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