Network Management and Audits

Network Management and Audits

Network security used to mean having a firewall at the front of your network on your internet connection.

With the rise in reported hacking over the last few years, it is vital to protect your network. But more importantly, security now also includes protecting your data. Most corporates report that a data loss or leak is more damaging to their business than having their network down.

Next generation firewalls provide not only front line protection across your internet and data connections, they can also monitor activity across your entire network, to provide you with a realistic picture of any attempts for unauthorised access to your network from external or from within. Intrusion detection has quickly been outdated by intrusion prevention – as it’s no longer good enough to know when someone is attempting to access your network, you need to stop it quickly.

NetStrategy can also provide a range of specialised security solutions, including wireless network security. With the vast increase in wireless connectivity, it is vital to ensure your wireless network is also protected. Smartphones with personal hot spots, rogue access points, mis-configured access points, as well as dedicated wireless hacking devices all need to be addressed.

Most importantly, NetStrategy understands not just the technology solutions, but how to ensure your security policies reflect your organisations’ requirements as well as your legal and regulatory and compliance obligations.

Ensure your network and systems are protected with industry-leading security. We can work with you to ensure all aspects of security are covered, providing you with peace of mind and helping you minimise risk.

Our services include:

  • Security Reviews and Audits
  • Security Policies – development, deployment and on-going management
  • Firewall – design, deployment and on-going management
  • End-point and Device Security (BYOD/BYOT)
  • Data Protection
  • Email and Web content filtering and security
  • Internal Network Security, including DoD class Wireless security

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