Kinross Wolaroi School: Strategic ICT Review

Kinross Wolaroi School
Mr Trevor Delbridge
Strategic ICT Review
About the school

Kinross Wolaroi School

• Early Learning – Secondary Day and Boarding School

• 1,100 students across two campuses

• Approx. 250-300 staff

• Technology is intended to enhance learning, well-being and educational attainment. Technology’s role at Kinross Wolaroi School is to assist students in developing the skills needed for digital literacy, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships and collaboration


Kinross Wolaroi School is an independent Uniting Church co-educational early learning, primary, and secondary school with two campuses in Orange. Mr Trevor Delbridge, Business Manager at Kinross Wolaroi School says that “technology is an essential tool in the delivery of our curriculum… it’s an enabler for high quality teaching and learning.”

Business Challenge

As Business Manager, Mr Delbridge recognises that technology plays a crucial role in supporting student learning. In 2018 Mr Delbridge engaged NetStrategy through a recommendation to undertake a Strategic ICT Review of the entire school. This review required an in-depth examination for the school to understand its technological state. After analysis, this review resulted in extensive findings of how Kinross Wolaroi School could chart an IT path into the future. In 2023 Mr Delbridge sought to conduct a secondary Strategic ICT Review to follow up on the last review.

Mr Delbridge wanted to understand if they had successfully implemented the recommendations made in 2018 and stayed on track to arrive at their desired destination. Since 2018, technology has evolved rapidly and become more critical through the Covid-19 pandemic years.

“We wanted to know where we were at, and if improvements had to be made.”

The Solution – Second Strategic ICT Review

NetStrategy’s second Strategic ICT Review ensured the alignment of Kinross Wolaroi School’s current ICT infrastructure with the needs of students, staff, and the broader school community. A Strategic ICT Review ensures that schools are up-to-date. The review process incorporates inputs from key stakeholders of a school. This includes staff, students, and parents, to reflect the whole school’s needs.

The second Strategic ICT Review found that Kinross Wolaroi School had implemented and executed the recommendations of their initial 2018 ICT Review. In 2023 there were minor recommendations for Kinross Wolaroi School to stay on top of the ever-evolving technology landscape. The ICT Review included enhanced financial efficiency by informing smart investments for cost savings and improved returns. It also fostered future readiness through recommendations for flexible and scalable IT solutions, bolstered security to safeguard reputation and data, and boosted staff productivity by streamlining tasks.

The ICT Review continued to nurture a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, ensuring Kinross Wolaroi School remains at the forefront of educational technology.


The second Strategic ICT Review affirmed that Kinross Wolaroi School had made substantial progress since its initial Strategic ICT Review back in 2018. This positive assessment not only served as a source of assurance but also empowered Mr Delbridge to report to the School Board on the progress of IT. The Review highlighted that the school’s ICT infrastructure is not only keeping pace with, but also effectively catering to the evolving needs of the school community. This validation of continual progress serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to staying technologically current and ensuring that its educational environment remains at the forefront of learning.

NetStrategy Skills and Expertise

NetStrategy specialises in IT and cybersecurity for schools. For over 35 years, we’ve partnered with nearly 400 of Australia’s leading educational institutions. Our in-depth reviews give us a true understanding of your current state, allowing us to develop a comprehensive plan for risk mitigation. They include how to address inefficiencies and where best to invest your ICT budget, so you have peace of mind, knowing that your school is adequately protected. Explore our Audit and Advisory services.

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