Strategic ICT advice on demand

Expert advice when and where you need it

ICT infrastructure is increasingly the most critical enabler for any organisation, and as the volume of day to day demands rise IT teams are challenged to stay both ahead of the internal conversation and abreast of the market. This is where NetStrategy’s consulting team can help – providing deeply skilled strategic resources to supplement internal capability when and where you need them.

NetStrategy has built a consulting team made up of thought leaders and deeply experienced technical specialists drawn from a broad range of technology disciplines. This deep understanding of the technology informs everything we do. It’s the reason we are often asked to come in and remediate challenging projects.

Our ICT consulting services

With thousands of hours experience, we specialise in providing strategic advice in the following areas.

Business Strategy and Governance

Take control of the internal IT conversation and deliver impact faster with a clearly articulated and socialised strategic plan and governance framework. 

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Cyber Security and Risk

Ensure risks are understood, documented and addressed. Our team can provide both the theoretical understanding of modern risk frameworks and also help implement best practice threat response.

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Business Process Improvement

Digital offers a massive opportunity to add value to the organisation through reduced cost, increased productivity and higher revenue.

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Business Intelligence

Let us help you make better decisions through data.

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NetStrategy consultants

With over 40 specialists across thousands of engagements, NetStrategy has the real world experience to provide strategic advice that delivers results.