Managed Services

Cost effective, scalable and reliable

Deliver day-to-day IT services more consistently

Many organisations choose to outsource all or part of their day to day IT service management (ITSM) in order secure a more cost effective, scalable, and consistent way of delivery core operational IT services, freeing internal teams to focus on strategic transformation activity.

NetStrategy’s managed services are flexible and outcomes based. We tailor the capacity, location (on-premise or local remote), and hours of coverage to your specific requirements. All of our managed services are backed by strong committed SLAs and world class cyber threat management.

Our managed services

NetStrategy provides a range of operational managed services, as well as total outsource solutions.

Service Desk

Tailored on-premise or virtual service desk solutions to maximise your end user IT productivity and experience.

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Asset Management

Integrated lifecycle management of all software and hardware assets giving you greater control and visibility over your technology portfolio.

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Cloud Management

Management of your networking and hosting infrastructure whether in public cloud platforms, hybrid blends or on-premise private clouds.

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Complete Managed Service
NetStrategy can also provide a complete ITSM outsource solution tailored to meet your organisation’s particular IT service needs, delivered through any combination of remote and on-premise resourcing.

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Contact us to see how a NetStrategy managed service can manage cost and improve the quality of service you’re delivering to your organisation.