Managed Service Complete

Free your business with managed IT

NetStrategy can provide an end to end ITSM outsourced solution for your organisation, encompassing the full range of IT related activities (including policies, processes, and procedures) in order to design, plan, deliver, operate, maintain, and control IT services, freeing your organisation to focus on your core business.

There are many benefits to a complete managed service.

  • Cost certainty: through a single provider tasked with delivering outcomes for a set monthly fee.
  • Lower total cost: as you leverage the economies of scale of a large specialist IT organisation and the flexibility of an outsourced labour force.
  • Access to specialist resources: simply by virtue of scale NetStrategy is able to retain highly specialised practitioners that couldn’t be supported within most internal IT teams.
  • Access to deeper experience: NetStrategy manages complex IT scenarios every day, meaning our team has experience with many of the issues that an internal team may never or rarely experience. Deeper experience means that issues are resolved more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Greater flexibility: outsourced partners are better positioned to quickly respond to changes in resource demand as they can balance requirements across a much larger portfolio.
  • Reduced risk: with thirty years’ experience, NetStrategy is well positioned to assess both the pragmatic and appropriate approach to managing risk.

NetStrategy – your Managed Service experts

NetStrategy will work with you to build a complete ITSM solution which meets your needs and budget, with agreed service levels and using any combination of on-premise/remote resources

  • NetStrategy can provide a comprehensive managed service capability that can range from the provision individual services, through to a comprehensive and holistic offering covering all ICT functions.
  • For those customers that want to reduce risk, maximise operational outcomes and access world class expertise, our managed service complete offering, provides a world class managed service solution.
  • We have a wide range of inclusions and service levels to cater to almost all scenarios.

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We all develop close relationships with the clients we work with – some of them have been with the company for years. It makes a difference because we know we’re not just delivering a solution for today but one that will still work in 2, 3 or 5 years

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