End to end procurement lifecycle management

Leverage specialist knowledge to source the right solution

While there is an increasing range of hardware and software solutions available to organisations to drive efficiency, improve customer experience and optimise cost, identifying, selecting and on-boarding new vendors is time consuming and specialist knowledge is often required to effectively hold these vendors to account.

NetStrategy can help you manage your procurement in a number of ways.

  • Consolidate and simplify the management of existing vendors.
  • Simplify and standardise procurement processes to deliver consistent outcomes with less effort.
  • Take the legwork out of identifying and selecting new vendors, giving you the confidence that you are acquiring the right technology for your business.
  • Leverage specialist experience and market intelligence to reduce costs and avoid common pitfalls when acquiring new technology and hold existing vendors accountable.
  • Reduce the time from need identification to solution implementation.

NetStrategy work with each customer as a trusted partner – not only asking the right questions but helping business managers understand and evaluate the answers.

Michael Lowbridge, Business Manager, Green Point Christian College

Our procurement services

NetStrategy can assist with your entire procurement lifecycle.

Contract Management

Management of the entire relationship lifecycle from negotiation, implementation, operation and exit.

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Technology Staging

A range of technology implementation services from pre-configuration and hot staging through to turnkey implementation within your operating environment.

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Finance & Leasing

A comprehensive suite of technology financing and leasing options.

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Software Asset Management

Lifecycle management of your entire software stack.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Integrated solutions which combine hardware, software, service delivery, and financing into a flexible and pay as you go consumption model.

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NetStrategy is 100% focused on putting the customer first. Speak with us about how we can use this focus to help you get more out of your vendor relationships.