Identity & Access management

More than just the gatekeeper

The increasing virtualisation of the work environment has brought identity and access management (IAM) to the forefront of IT considerations. Effective IAM is crucial to ensuring only authorised users and devices can access your organisations resources and systems.

A best practice approach to IAM should consider the following factors:

  • Define and maintian orgnaisational access profiles based on roles
  • Ensure there are clearly defined and socialised policies and procedures
  • Treat IAM as an enabler of the business, more than just the gatekeeper
  • Centralise IAM maangement to minimise user friction as they traverse the organisations applications
  • Use automation to minimise the overhead to manage IAM


NetStrategy works with all major identity access management solutions for wired, wireless, cloud and secure remote access. Importantly NetStrategy has years of experience dealing with many of the key trends in information technology which are also driving challenges in implementing effective IAM solutions – moving to the cloud, integrating legacy systems, IoT, and increasing privacy regulation.

We can help you build highly resilient, secure solutions that give you more confidence as to who is able to use your network and systems resources and to enforce organisational policies around appropriate access.

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